Event Points

Event Points hero image

EP (Event Points) is Exile's way of rewarding users for attending events, participating in any event will award you 2 event points minimum which can be spent on our EP shop. To be eligible to receive EP you must stay the entire duration of the event.

Some events may reward you more depending on what sort of event we are doing, for example in our CS:GO tournaments you will get 2 EP for a loss and 5 EP if you're on the winning team.

EP is given up to 48hrs after the event so please be patient. If you don't receive your points after this duration, feel free to message a member of staff.

You can type /epoints in the #bots channel to see your current event points, if you wish to purchase a item from the EP shop contact Exile Management.


EP Shop:

[1]: Random steam key - 50 EP

[2]: Stream listed on the Exile website - 30 EP

[3]: Event of your choice - 25 EP