Below are the available positions within the Exile staff team, find details of what the roles involve and what is required for applicants.


Job Status: Open Urgency: Regular

In this role, you’ll be optimising our users' experience across all stages of our Discord server and Website. You'll be part of our moderation team and work along side our other staff members. You'll be responsible for moderating the server, promoting Exile, improving our user' experience, collecting feedback and presenting new ideas to Management without bias. Improving conversation rates and keeping users happy and safe.

Your ability to provide a high level of customer service is outstanding. You are very smart. Your technical skills are superb and your experience with Discord, Websites and Social media is unrivalled. You're also passionate about gaming and technology. You keep up to date with the latest marketing techniques and gaming trends.



  • Understanding of Discord and Disqus.
  • Excellent grammar and punctuation.
  • Fluent in reading and writing English.


  • Previous Moderator experience.
  • Gaming background.

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